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At Gibbons & Kawash, A.C. our focus is responding to your needs and exceeding your expectations. We combine broad technical knowledge developed from years of experience with an entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving to help our clients meet all the challenges before them. An extensive library of accounting, auditing, and tax planning materials and the latest in state-of-the-art technology are valuable tools in our development of innovative solutions. But perhaps the most important element in our approach is the personalized service that enables us to develop and maintain an in-depth knowledge of your business. Our professionals take the time to listen and acquire a thorough understanding of your business needs.

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Business LoansAre You Aware of Your SALT Liabilities?

Companies that operate in multiple states likely owe some state and local taxes (SALT) outside their home state. But many small businesses are unaware of their SALT liabilities. This article explores the concept of nexus — the degree of business activity that must be present in a state before a business is considered to have a presence there and becomes subject to that state’s taxing jurisdiction.

529Understanding the Net Investment Income Tax

Homeowners putting up a “For sale” sign on their lawn this year should make sure they understand the 3.8% net investment income tax (NIIT) that applies to profits on some home sales. This article explains whom the tax affects, triggering events and strategies to reduce or eliminate the tax.

Crime Scene

How to Meet the Challenges of Managing a Family Business

Owners of family businesses face unique challenges that nonfamily-business owners don’t have to worry about. These often arise from the dynamics of family relationships and the need to transfer these into the business environment. This article discusses the importance of setting boundaries and how drafting a family business “constitution” can ward off problems before they occur. 

Indentity Theft

Umbrella Insurance Policies Guard Against the Unexpected

A $1 million or higher legal judgment could lead to financial ruin for many families — and affluent families with a large net worth are at particular risk. In today’s litigious society, it’s smart to guard against this kind of financial catastrophe by purchasing a personal liability umbrella policy. This article describes what umbrella policies cover and their unique characteristics.

A History Of Service

Over 20 years ago, our firm was founded on a commitment to provide clients with the highest quality services and professional guidance. That commitment remains paramount, and is deeply rooted in every aspect of our practice. It is the reason Gibbons & Kawash has become one of the area's leading accounting and consulting firms.

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